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Welcome to

 Same day low cost Domestic EPC’s  in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire & Cheshire

Call: 07964 530017  e-mail:


Our company name is Energy Performance Solutions Associates and we are based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. We specialise in the provision of Commercial and Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s), SAP and Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s) via our team of fully accredited assessors covering both England and Wales* at the lowest price. A Domestic EPC or Commercial EPC is now required for almost all domestic and commercial buildings whenever built, rented or sold. It is the responsibility of the person selling or renting a building to have a valid EPC to show to prospective buyers and tenants. Here at we can help provide you with your Domestic EPC’s, Commercial EPC’s & DEC’s, keeping you up to date with current legislation and helping you to help the environment. 

Call: 07964 530017  e-mail:  - Low cost EPC 's Stoke-on-Trent

What we provide:

  • Fully accredited assessors

  • Fast efficient service

  • A competitive price

  • National coverage*

  • Fully Insured

Just some of the comments we have been receiving:

Cathy Thomas : I had a Domestic EPC as we needed one to put our house on the market. Justine came bang on time and answered any questions we asked, she did a great job and was very nice too! Got the EPC super quick, even sooner than we were told we would get it and for a great price. We will definitely recommend to anyone who needs an EPC. Thank you so much!!!

Paul Gaffney : I recently arranged an EPC for a private dwelling and was extremely pleased with the professional service provided by Justine Killeen. She attended on time, explained the process fully and I received the finished article the following day…..all for the £34.00!! I would not hesitate to recommend your services in the future. Thank you!

So why not Contact us today..? You’ll be glad you did !

Call: 07964 530017  e-mail:

*Coverage: National (England and Wales) coverage for Commercial and Public Buildings. 
Currently we only cover up to a 40 mile radius of Stoke on Trent for Domestic EPC ‘s.

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Passively Delivering More for Less with SAP


Capital cost savings of almost £800/dwelling can be achieved and still attain at least Level 3 under the Code for Sustainable Homes by utilizing sustainable technologies beyond the conventional….


Research by Passivent, the UK’s leading natural ventilation specialist, is revealing that under changes to the SAP calculation method, installation of even its basic Passive Stack Ventilation system, in conjunction with a gas saver, waste water heat recovery and photovoltaic equipment, can achieve capital cost savings of up to £780/ dwelling, and achieve an improved DER, against the widely-accepted route of MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery).

“The findings come from analysis of, and SAP calculations done for, ‘real life’ semi-detached homes, which reinforces the validity of our claims,” observes Dennis Bates, Passivent Domestic Product Manager. “Even with an airtightness factor of 3, our combined solution gives a better DER- of 20.33 against 21.41- and costs at least £200 less than MVHR. On even a small development, that adds up to a significant reduction in bottom-line costs, whether private or social housing, even before you’ve factored in the ‘lifetime’ costs of maintenance, replacement parts etc. It truly is giving ‘more for less’ and delivering best value practice.”

Under Passivent’s analysis, on a four-bedroomed semi-detached with three wet rooms and an airtightness of 3, PSV + gas saver+ waste water heat recovery required just 0.82kWh of PV to achieve Code Level 3 and costs less than £4000 for all of the technologies; with an airtightness of 5, the systems still cost only £4145 against almost £5000 for MVHR to reach the same Code level. With the 5 airtightness value, the same solution still costs just over £6500 to attain Level 4, against an MVHR cost of over £7000.

Passivent’s PSV is the only domestic ventilation strategy that uses NO electricity to function, instantly contributing towards low carbon emissions. It harnesses natural air movement principles, like a chimney, to ensure the home is adequately ventilated 24/7, 365 days a year. Passivent PSV uses planned air paths to exhaust warm, ‘used’ internal air out through the roof terminal, creating a natural draught-free ‘suction’ effect to stimulate replacement with fresh air through strategically positioned inlets. It is therefore ‘fit and forget’, requiring no operator, service or maintenance input.

Passivent supplies background ventilation solutions including tricklevents and through-wall ventilators, standard and ‘intelligent’ mechanical ventilation, passive stack natural ventilation and the new and innovative iHybrid, which combines natural ventilation with heat recovery to yield a 55% reduction in fan energy use and a 39% saving in lifetime costs over standard mechanical heat recovery, with its systems supported by its nationwide Mastercare scheme of approved installers. Its ability to design, supply and install all domestic ventilation solutions means it can provide authoritative, unbiased advice to the building industry to ensure new schemes comply with the new Approved Document, and all other regulatory requirements.

More from Passivent Ltd

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What’s Green In The UK Coalition’s Emergency Budget?

download (3)Today’s emergency budget from the UK’s Conservative-Liberal coalition government has been pre-empted in the press as many things. The austerity budget. The bloodbath budget. The brutal budget. A game-changing budget.

But with the coalition parties having most in common with each other on environmental matters, one question begs to be asked: was today’s budget a green one?

Separating the economy from the environment is now almost impossible in the country which introduced the world’s first government Carbon Budget. After March 2010’s second Carbon Budget, which brought little new to the environmental table due to the recession other than promises for a new green investment bank and an energy market review, environmentalists started to look for clues in the election manifestos of the main political parties to see what else would soon emerge from Westminster.

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